Local and Organic Food

Past Students


Wiset “Kirk” Bumrungwong

MS Environment & Resources

Wiset was born and raised in Phuket, Thailand. During his 4th year of his biology degree, he discovered the social side of environmental issues that urged him to learn how to make a better world outside the scientific realm. After his graduation, he experienced various works in education and environment. He was a translator in science curriculum development workshop at Ministry of Education. He participated Earth Expeditions Thailand 2013 as a field coordinator. Also, he affiliated with WWF Thailand as an evaluator and mentor of a project called Low Carbon School Network, which aims at carbon footprint reduction of schools in Bangkok.

Currently, Wiset is receiving Fulbright grant to study M.S. in Environment & Resources program at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. He is looking forward to research in the field of social and behavioral aspect of environmentalism, sustainable consumption, and environmental education. In his free time, Wiset enjoys local food exploration and photo blogging. He is also a good resource for Thailand’s tourism, especially Phuket!

UW-Madison, 2015

Gina Collignon

MS Agronomy, Environment & Resources

Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, Reed College, 2004.

Alice Reznickova

Environment & Resources

Alice came to the Midwest from Smith College (MA) to pursue a Chemistry degree; however, while after earning her MS she realized that long days in lab were not meant to be her destiny. Instead, Alice is now a Ph.D. candidate in the Environment & Resources program in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She is a strong believer in qualitative methods, social psychology, and environmental sociology and her academic (and life) interests use these to study local food, hunger, and community food security. She is also working on projects including: environmental learning assessments, mobile markets and Slow Food UW. Besides research, Alice is a TA for Lydia's Sustainable Consumption class and spends hours searching for academic jobs in her field online. Aside from academics, Alice is a biking, running and any kind of dancing dancing enthusiast with a soft spot for cats, learning anything and everything, drinking too much coffee, and exploring the wonders of Madison with her husband and friends.

Ashleigh Ross

MS Land Resources

Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, UW-Madison, 2009. Currently: PhD student Morgridge Center Engaged Scholarship Graduate Fellow, UW-Madison.

Willow Russell

MS Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development

Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, UW-Madison, 2006. Currently: Communications Manager, Social Venture Partners Seattle.

Na Zhao

MS Human Ecology: Consumer Behavior and Family Economics

UW-Madison, 2012. Currently: PhD student Ag and Applied Economics, UW-Madison.


Marcus Bolles

Environmental Studies and Community & Environmental Sociology

Marcus was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin and he has returned to UW-Madison after taking some time off to complete his undergraduate degree, double majoring in Environmental studies and Community & Environmental Sociology. He is interested in learning about intersections of Justice and Sustainability in his community and is staying active in the Madison Community. He loves helping out at the Growing Power community dinners and has spent a year volunteering with Family Voices at the Boys & Girls Club as a mentor tutor. Marcus is a PEOPLE Scholar and is working to give back to the program that did so much for him growing up. He is doing this as the Urban Ag/food systems program coordinator with the Community and Regional Food Systems project for 3 levels of high school students the summer of 2015. Marcus is a total workout nut and spends his free time enjoying warm weather, reading, drinking Costa Rican coffee, digging for new music, unhealthy amounts of netflix, hiking, camping, and catching the sunrise and/or sunset.

Martín Brubaker

Geography and Community & Environmental Sociology

Martín was born and raised in West Michigan. He is studying Community & Environmental Sociology and Geography, with a focus on the impacts of public policy and zoning regulations on impoverished communities and local environments. Martín is currently working on developing a database of mobile food pantries in key cities in the United States. He also works for WE CONSERVE, a UW Madison department whose mission is to improve the sustainability of the campus. In addition, he is researching the effects of urban agriculture on pollinator biodiversity. Martin loves watching bad movies and TV shows, going to indie concerts, and playing his Gamecube. He also enjoys surfing in Lake Michigan, playing pickup soccer, dancing to Cumbia, and feasting on his mother’s famous chorizo tacos with his large and beloved family.

Carly Herron

Geography and Environmental Studies

Carly grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and her parents have recently moved back to the Chicago area. As a sophomore, she is studying Geography with a focus in Human and Environmental Relations and Environmental Studies, focusing on sustainable food systems. She is interesting in learning how to produce and promote local food systems, in an effort to create healthier and more sustainable communities. This could be wrapped around work with community gardens, cooking workshops, or more frequent organizations promoting healthy and fair food. Carly is currently assisting Lydia in accumulating and analyzing survey data on the Dane County Farmers Market, helping the county understand how their markets are used, and how they could be improved. In her free time, she loves cooking and trying new recipes, playing the piano and singing in Black Music Ensemble, drinking coffee continuously for most of the day, watching New Girl, and canoeing with her family.

Kimberly Mayer

Statistics and Global Health

Kimberly Mayer is currently finishing her bachelors degree at UW-Madison in statistics with a certificate in global health. Her main areas of interest include community-based leadership development, the built environment and responsible utilization of natural spaces. Hoping to work within the intersection of these three areas, she is hoping to direct future studies towards community public health and the localization of food systems. Kimberly currently is helping develop a database containing information about mobile food markets across the United States and is enjoying diving into the history, purpose and need for these markets. She also works at the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin, an ongoing research program studying the health of adults across the state, and appreciates learning more about health research and the process of data collection. She loves the water, enjoying filling up her days with windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, and sailing. She also finds it important to make time for climbing, food preservation, fermenting tasty beverages and spending laugh-until-it-hurts time with her two wonderful sisters.

UW-Madison, 2014.

Brian Resch

Cartography and Geographic Information Sciences

Brian came to Wisconsin 13 years ago after living around the country, a habit formed while his father was in the Navy. After spending 10 years working in and managing restaurants, he decided that there may be something to this whole computer and internet thing. Brian decided to attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison to study Cartography and Geographic Information Sciences. His interests lie in web, mobile, and production cartographic design.

When not producing maps, Brian enjoys early 1970’s German progressive rock, Japanese samurai films, bar trivia and spending time with his wife Leslie.

Marco H. B. Schlindwein

Industrial Engineering

Marco was born and raised in a small town called Guabiruba, in Santa Catarina, a state from the south of Brazil. He is a 2nd year undergraduate student majoring in Industrial Engineering, and he came to Madison to spend one year in the Visiting International Student Program at the University of Wisconsin. He has a lot of interest in the field of quality engineering, focusing on how to improve processes and make jobs easier. Marco is a simple kind of guy who loves to visit new places and meet new people. In his free time he enjoys to read books of any kind, watch classic movies, listen to rock music, and hang out with his friends.

Meghan Stark

Graphic Design and Digital Studies

UW-Madison, 2015.

Sheng Zhang

Computer Science and Economics

Sheng was born and raised in Qingdao, a coastal city located in eastern China. He came to USA to pursue a bachelor degree at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Right now he is a senior majoring in computer science and economics. Sheng is interested in Database design & development and mobile application design. His goal is to continue pursuing a master degree of computer science after graduation from University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the spare time, Sheng likes to go swimming, play racket ball and workout. He also enjoys traveling, watching movies or TV shows and listening to music.