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Environmental Learning Assessment

Assessment of Undergraduates’ Environmental Understanding and Stewardship: A Comparison of Science and Social Science Courses

Lydia Zepeda, Alice Reznickova, and Cathy Middlecamp

The purpose of this project is to develop and conduct an evaluation of environmental learning in two UW-Madison environmental courses (ES/ILS 126: Principles of Environmental Science developed and taught by Dr. Cathy Middlecamp and CNSR SC 360: Sustainable Consumption developed and taught by Dr. Lydia Zepeda). The evaluation does not assess information directly learned in class; rather it consists of an evaluation of students’ environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviors and their motivation to perform the behaviors before and after taking the classes. This will help us understand whether and how academic courses focusing on the environment facilitate broader environmental learning, attitudes and behaviors.

We have conducted a pilot study to test our survey with Dr. Zepeda’s class in the Spring 2013; our hope is to perform an actual study with both Dr. Zepeda’s and Dr. Middlecamp’s classes in the Spring 2014.