Local and Organic Food

Food Pantry Use

Lydia Zepeda

Food banks together with food pantries provide food assistance to people who are experiencing food insecurity. The number of people who are food insecure, and in turn the number of people using the services of food pantries, has been steadily increasing. However, our previous work with food banks showed that food pantry services do not reach everyone in need.

This study, conducted in collaboration with Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, aims to understand WHO does not use food pantries and WHY. We interview 20 participants who experienced food insecurity but did not visit a food pantry. We are interested in their experiences, their perception of food pantries and food pantry clients, and obstacles that prevent them from using food pantries.

This study will provide novel insights into food insecurity as well as describe obstacles preventing people from food pantry use. We hope that our conclusions will be useful for designing solutions to reach out to more clients.

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